By donating to Angel Flight Central you are helping to Multiply the Mission on a level many non-profits can only dream of due to the generosity of our volunteer pilots. Angel Flight Central can multiply each dollar donated 4.73 times into free flight service because of our incredibly dedicated and supportive volunteer pilots. This means a donation of $100 translates to $473 in flight services provided to passengers in need. How do we provide such an incredible return on investment? Our volunteer pilots use their own time, aircraft, and cost of fuel each time they take a passenger to their life saving medical treatment, pick up breast milk that is shipped to medically vulnerable babies, and take service animals to their new veteran owners.

Angel Flight Central operates on a small budget with just 4 employees to help locate passengers in need, recruit new volunteer pilots, screen passengers and coordinate flights in a 10 state region to make flights happen all over the country. Without this process, our volunteer pilots would never be connected to the passengers in need.

Multiply the Mission today!  Giving to Angel Flight Central is secure, simple and treasured!

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