Although our volunteer pilots donate their time, talent and aircraft expenses, we have the inevitable expense of communicating, screening, planning and coordinating each and every flight. Please consider adopting an AFC flight to help provide the transportation someone in your community desperately needs.

It is easy to help. Donate a few dollars to cover a few miles of a trip, or $175 to adopt an entire flight, $700 to adopt four flights, or $2,100 to adopt a flight per month for a full year. In return, you will have the peace and knowledge that you helped someone get the medical care and treatment they are seeking.

Is the cost of an entire flight over your budget?  Then consider adopting your choice of miles for a flight!  Each charitable-mile flown equates to an organizational expense of .80 cents, and the secure on-line form allows you to choose the number of miles that you would like to adopt.  In 2019, the average flight length was 220 miles, so any help you can offer will be very appreciated.

Giving to Angel Flight Central is secure, simple and treasured!

Click here to Adopt-An-Angel Flight!

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