People in need, and of all ages, seek help traveling to distant medical care and many other compassionate needs and reasons.

Application form is completed by a passenger, family member, social worker, nurse, clergy, etc., and submitted to Angel Flight Central.

AFC Staff and Volunteers qualify each passenger and communicate the need to the Volunteer Pilots.

A Medical Release is signed by the physician and returned to the AFC office. Passenger’s need is shared through the private and secure Coordination Database.

Over 350 Qualified Volunteer Pilots give of their time, talent, and expense to help people in need.

A Volunteer Pilot reviews the applicant’s needs and “signs up” to take the flight. Flights over 300 miles require a relay of pilots for the 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) leg(s) of the flight. The process of determining a Volunteer Pilot typically takes up to 7-10 business days to complete.

AFC Staff, the assigned Pilot, and the Passenger coordinate and plan the trip schedule.

A complete back-up travel plan must be made by the passenger in case of inclement weather or other unforseen changes.

The Volunteer Pilot calls the Passenger to coordinate a meeting location and time at an airport convienently located for both parties.

A typical “angel flight” plane

Many of the AFC Pilots prefer to have a Co-Pilot or Mission Assistant join them. A passenger is allowed to bring a companion with them as long as it is approved by an AFC Coordinator. Click here for what to expect.

The Day of the Flight Arrives!

The first-leg pilot keeps the passenger informed of any changes in the plan.
Travel to and from the airports are the responsibility of the passenger. The passengers read and sign a “Liability Release Form” provided by the pilot.

Return Trip and Future Needs

The return trip home is completed with the same methods as above. Once the passenger has completed the eligibility requirements for their first AFC Flight, future appointments can be shared with the AFC Coordination Staff by phone and the matching process will begin again. The Coordination Staff requires “medical release forms” signed by the Physician annually or more frequently based on the treatment received or changes in medical condition.

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