Who and what is Angel Flight Central?
Angel Flight Central, Inc. [AFC] is a non-profit organization dedicated to arranging free non-emergency long distance air transportation for children and adults in situations of compelling human need. We are helping people in need access medical care through generous volunteer pilots who donate their time and resources. Nearly 90% of the flights arranged through AFC are to transport people to specialized medical care. However, compassion and community service flights are also flown to help people in the midst of a family crisis, to help children fly to special needs camps, and to assist communities in times of natural or national disasters. AFC volunteer pilots, staff and ground-volunteers are also engaged in Disaster Response for small cargo, key personnel or relocation efforts. AFC works cooperatively with a many agencies including Ronald McDonald House, American Red Cross and specialized medical facilities.

Where do you offer Angel Flight Central services?
Nationwide access is available through a network of charitable aviation organizations. Flights for passengers who reside in the following 10 states are arranged through AFC’s office: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Indiana. Travel that extends outside our region or over 1,000 miles may be coordinated through or referred to another charitable aviation organization. Flights over 300 miles are “linked” with other pilots along the route. Angel Flight Central serves both rural and urban populations as our pilots are based at general aviation airports throughout the region.

Who provides the transportation?
Angel Flight Central Volunteer Pilots either own or have access to general aviation airplanes and have the appropriate qualifications and certifications as regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. These are typically small non-pressurized single-engine, two-to-six passenger planes. Angel Flight Central Pilots donate their time, fuel expense and an airplane to provide this unique service. They receive no monetary compensation whatsoever for their generosity.

How do I request assistance?
Call 816-421-2300 or 866-569-9464 or click on the following link to submit a request.

Who is eligible to receive assistance?
Angel Flight Central’s primary mission is to transport people who are financially unable to travel for their medical needs or have a compelling situation that we feel we can help. Our service is not for medical emergencies but for travel to planned appointments. Compassion and urgent flight requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What does it cost?
The cost of an “angel flight” is a THANK YOU to the pilot who provides his/her time, skill and the cost of the air transportation. The HELP and HOPE delivered is often priceless. The donated value of a flight from a volunteer pilot is approximately $1,000 and it takes approximately $200 per flight to operate the organization which is the amount associated with our Adopt-an-Angel-Flight giving program. To best leverage these valuable resources, all passengers will be screened and educated to ensure that donated time and money is appropriately used for people who truly need the assistance.

What happens after a request is approved?
Once a passenger is qualified, Angel Flight Central usually needs up to 7-10 business days to secure volunteer pilots. Passengers will receive notification whether their request for an “angel flight” has been approved.

“Linked” flights, of 2 to 3 legs, between 300 and 1,000 miles may be coordinated with other aviation organizations to assure that passengers reach their destinations.

The Angel Flight Central Coordination Team matches a passenger’s confidential request with a volunteer pilot. If a pilot has not signed up for the flight the team will contact appropriate pilots directly and work closely with the passengers regarding alternative or back-up plans.

Most flights occur during daylight hours when the weather is good for general aviation flying.

Pilots will discuss delays with linking pilots and notify the passenger and Angel Flight Central if a flight may be delayed or need to be rescheduled. There is no guarantee a request will be met, however, the AFC Coordination Team will do everything possible to ensure safe travel for every approved request.

Does Angel Flight arrange lodging and ground transportation?
Angel Flight Central does not arrange lodging for any passengers. Although volunteer drivers are available in a few cities, in general, ground transportation is the responsibility of the passengers.

What are the responsibilities of a passenger?
*Passengers have the responsibility to keep their Flight Coordinator informed of any changes in plans including appointment times, cancellations of appointments, changes in traveling companions, changes in traveling arrangements, etc.

*Passengers have the responsibility to provide Angel Flight Central with phone numbers where they may be reached prior to each flight including both home and destination.

*Passengers have the responsibility to limit their combined total amount of luggage to 50 pounds.

*Passengers have the responsibility to sign a form releasing the volunteer pilot and Angel Flight Central, Inc. from any liability in connection with the flight.

*Passengers have the responsibility to follow the pilot’s directions before, during and immediately after the flight.

*Passengers have the responsibility to thank the pilot for this generous service.

We’re interested in passenger comments. Please let the AFC Coordination Team know how you’re doing after your flight and give us feedback on your experience so we can pass it along to all those involved in making your flight possible.

We also hope that you will share your experience about Angel Flight Central with your friends, family and in your community so that others may be helped.

What are my rights as an Angel Flight Central Passenger?
*Passengers have the right to be contacted by Angel Flight central with the name of the passenger’s pilot as soon as possible once the information is know.

*Passengers have the right to be contacted by the pilot within 24 hours of the planned departure.

*Passengers have the right and responsibility to have an alternative means of travel in mind in the event the flight cannot be flown due to inclement weather or sudden scheduling conflicts.

*Passengers have the right to be treated professionally and with respect by every member of our organization.

What security and liability protection measures are taken?
Just prior to flight departure all passengers are required to provide photo identification and sign a Liability Release. Baggage is subject to be searched at the pilot’s discretion. If a passenger requires reviewing the waiver of liability before their flight day, they can view/download the form by clicking on the “Pilot” menu-tab on this website or notify the Flight Coordinator so it can be faxed or mailed. Parents/guardians are required to sign a liability release form for minors under 18 years old. All Angel Flight Central Volunteer Pilots are certified and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration and are issued a name badge by AFC for identification purposes.

Where does your funding come from?
Angel Flight Central is totally supported through charitable giving and the donated services of our volunteer pilots, and on occasion, other aviation resources. Individuals, corporations, small businesses, organizations, and foundations donate cash and in-kind services to support flight coordination, public awareness, outreach, recruitment, and administrative costs.

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