Volunteer Opportunities

You can have a direct impact by getting involved on a local or regional level to help support all Angel Flight Central efforts.

Administrative Support: With only a small staff covering 10 states, Angel Flight Central has many opportunities for volunteers to get involved in daily activities. Angel Flight Central is always in need of individuals with graphic design talent, writing skills (press releases and newspaper articles) and other skill sets along these lines. The nice thing about today’s technology, you can work on helping AFC from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the country.

Outreach Events and Activities: AFC strives and thrives as a result of individuals who are determined to “spread the word” in their own communities. Simply delivering posters or brochures to your local social service agencies, hospitals and clinics, service clubs, schools and churches assists the organization greatly. Other Outreach Volunteers do presentations in front of their local Kiwanis, Rotary, and Optimist Clubs; as well as community leaders. Placing exhibit tables at local parades, air shows, open houses and health fairs are other examples of what our dedicated Outreach Volunteers do to assist the organization and their communities.

Volunteer Pilot: Use your time, talent and aircraft to make a huge difference in the lives of people in need. Simply click on the “Pilots” tab to learn how!

Special Events: Regional events bring the entire Angel Flight family of pilots, passengers, volunteers, donors, supporters and staff together. Much help is needed with these fun and important events. You may even want to take one of the regional event ideas and recreate it in your community!

In-Kind Donations: We know many of you would like to help AFC but simply do not have the time. Volunteer help comes in all forms. If you have a business or offer a service and would like to help offset some of the expenses that are incurred by Angel Flight Central by using your service your contributions would be greatly appreciated. Listed below are some of the needs that we have that you could help alleviate through your kindness, expertise and generosity. This type of volunteer help would also qualify for a tax deductible contribution for your company or business.

  • Printed materials (invitations, programs, business cards, envelopes, outreach handouts etc.)
  • Food and Beverages for events such as Wine Flight and Heroes of the Heart
  • Entertainment (live band or DJ service for events)
  • Auction items for our silent and live auction at Wine Flight and Wings and Wedges
  • Free booth space at tradeshows that are a natural tie-in with our mission (medical, aviation etc.)
  • Photography and Video production

If you would like to join the Angel Flight Central Team, please click here and fill out the form. You can also contact our Executive Director, Brendan Sneegas at 816-421-2300.

Volunteer membership in AFC is a privilege which is held in the highest regard by AFC leadership, staff and its member ground-volunteers & pilots.  Qualification for volunteer membership shall be at the sole and exclusive discretion of AFC. AFC fully reserves the right to deny or terminate volunteer membership at its sole discretion.  By submitting your application and proof of credentials for membership and/or renewal of your existing membership, you consent and agree to the foregoing.

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