An AFC State “Crew” is defined as a group of Volunteer Pilots and Ground Volunteers within one of AFC’s 10-State boundaries who are dedicated to helping each other and the people within their communities.  Under the guidance of a Volunteer State-Chairperson(s), the Crew gathers for social events, as well community opportunities to recruit additional pilots, ground volunteers and to heighten the visibility and awareness of Angel Flight Central services.  State Crews are also welcome to organize fundraising events such as golf tournaments (Illinois), hangar parties (Nebraska) and Concerts (Minnesota).

AFC State Crews primarily take on the most fun and exciting tasks of Angel Flight Central.  Each State Crew has autonomy to serve the needs of their community at the local level, however, they are asked to work with AFC towards common organizational goals. Angel Flight Central strives to be an organization that is respected, reliable and responsive. It is the responsibility of the Crew to carry that mantle into their community.

To this end, each State Crew works to:
1) Support, encourage and learn from each other.
2) Recruit and/or designate volunteers who will assume responsibility for accomplishing the following tasks within their neighborhoods:  Pilot Recruitment and Activities, Passenger and Community Awareness, (optional) Fund-Raising. 
3) To monitor events and activities in their area that would assist with recruiting new AFC passengers, pilots and patrons, and communicate the opportunities to the state volunteers or AFC office.
4) To participate in AFC sponsored activities and to adhere to AFC guidelines and procedures.

If you are interested in participating in your local Crew, please visit with the Angel Flight Central Outreach Director as well as the AFC Executive Director. They can provide you with the information that you need to begin the process. You can call 816-421-2300 for more information.

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